15 Special activities for autumn!

With the autumn upon us, the markets in San Sebastian are full of different varieties of mushrooms, its woodlands, parks and gardens take on the ochre-shaded colour of their leaves, further highlighting the city’s beauty and charm. A perfect time of year to enjoy countless activities in San Sebastian. Sound good to you?

Routes for you to lose yourself in nature and relax...

Do you feel like breathing in fresh air and enjoying peace and quiet? San Sebastian is surrounded by nature and we recommend several routes for you to follow on foot or on a bike in the city and just a stone’s throw from the city: A magical route through the Cristina Enea park or Urumea river, the Camino de Santiago, the San Sebastian's shore by electric bike, the city’s mountain...

2. San Sebastian from the sea and the best sunsets

If the weather and sea conditions are right, the autumn is also a good time to enjoy San Sebastian from the sea: on a sailing boat, on a yacht, on a catamaran or through sustainable fishing, you can see the city from a different perspective. Want to take a look at our sea activities? And round off the day from one of our recommended places to watch the sun go down.

You’re in the Mecca of cuisine…treat yourself!

Our city brings together exceptional chefs who combine the best local produce with the most innovative techniques. Treat yourself to an unforgettable gastronomy experience this year! Michelin stars, traditional markets, best pintxos…

An outdoor contemporary museum

Walk around San Sebastian, from end to end, and admire the numerous outdoor sculptures that you will find along the way, from Nestor Basterretxea’s Paloma de la Paz (peace dove) and Jorge Oteiza’s Construcción Vacía (empty construction) to Eduardo Chillida’s Peine del Viento (comb of the wind).

5. Festivals and events to suit all tastes

San Sebastian is still active! With the autumn upon us, we play host to events and festivals for a variety of artistic disciplines: cuisine - San Sebastian Gastronomika; films and shows – Donosskino, International Underwater Film Festival and the Fantasy and Horror Film Festival; electronic music - DonostiKluba and fashion - Gipuzkoa Fashion Week. All events have strict safety measures.

A spectacle of waves!

Did you know that in San Sebastian, when the weather is rough, waves measuring between 5 and 10 metres are created, sometimes even as big as 20 metres? You can watch the spectacle or capture the moment from the Paseo Nuevo (New Promenade), Mount Urgull or the Peine del Viento (comb of the wind)…but be careful...don’t get too close!

Discover San Sebastian’s forests, parks and palaces

Fancy taking a stroll among the trees? Do you want to discover other places that don’t appear on tourist maps? Step inside and go on a journey around the forests of San Sebastian, its parks and gardens, its palaces… and for an even better experience, do it with a local guidelocal guide who will reveal all of their secrets.

Shopping made in Donostia

Discover a small outdoor shopping centre...small stores and big brands in San Sebastian’s Romantic Area! Local designers, one-of-a-kind shops, traditional stores that are over a century old… discover all of the options for going shopping!

Enjoy yourselves as you learn...together as a family!

Have fun as you learn among over 200 species of fish in the Aquarium. Marvel at the large planetarium and scientific experiments for kids at the Eureka Science Museum, in the large natural spaces in Kutxa Ekogunea, or in the vintage amusement park on Mount Igeldo. We have tons of activities to enjoy with kids!

Step inside the most authentic parts of the city: San Sebastian’s neighbourhoods

Avoid the touristy areas and discover more alternative and authentic places in San Sebastian’s neighbourhoods, on one of our interactive tours or on a guided tour on an electric bicycle.

Soak up the culture in the city’s museums and art galleries!

On a cloudy or rainy day, there's nothing better than immersing yourself in Basque or modern culture in the Tabakalera (a culture centre that was once a tobacco factory), in San Telmo Museum, Chillida Leku or Albaola... visit San Sebastian’s numerous museums and art galleries.

Discover the essence of San Sebastián

In addition to the places, one should not miss in San Sebastián… Do you also want to discover the most remote locations of the city? Get lost in a tour in which you will enjoy the most beautiful corners of the city and you will learn its greatest secrets, history, traditions, culture… and you will better understand the Basque Country in all its magnitude.…discover this and other guided tours of the city!

A tour to admire the city’s architecture

Admire the city’s architecture and look closely at its impressive romantic, rationalist and modern buildings, as well as its religious and historical buildings like San Vicente Church, the Basilica of Santa María and Buen Pastor Cathedral.

Treat yourself...in a spa with sea views

What could be better than a thalassotherapy circuit with sea views, a beauty treatment or a relaxing massage in La Perla - Talaso Sport? Discover a spa that is over a century old, a symbol of San Sebastian’s Belle Époque.

Outings from San Sebastian

Just a short distance from San Sebastian, there is a wide variety of unmissable day trips, like a visit to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, immersing yourself in nature in Gipuzkoa, an outing along the Basque and/or French coast or wine tasting in the wineries of Rioja Alavesa. Explore all of the nearby routes!