Regulations and permits

Procedure to carry out guided tours in Donostia / San Sebastián

Donostia / San Sebastián is a destination seeking to provide a top-quality sustainable tourism experience for all those visiting us. A number of different measures are being introduced to achieve this objective.

In the case of guided tours for tourists, a number of criteria have been stipulated which must be met by tourism sector professionals to produce the best possible tourist experience.

These are set out in a Statement of Compliance, a simple measure whereby guides declare they meet the detailed criteria to work as tourist guides in Donostia / San Sebastián.

One of the main conditions is that the tour group cannot contain more than 25 people (excluding the guide).

The timeframe for guided tours is 08:00 h - 23:00 h.

The Local Police will ensure compliance with the conditions accepted, and may impose economic sanctions on anyone who infringes them.

The processing can be done online from the ELECTRONIC HEADQUARTERS of the San Sebastián City Council (digital certificate is required).


How to drop off and pick up passengers of private buses in Donostia / San Sebastián

Private buses coming to Donostia / San Sebastian must enter the underground Bus Station (Pº Federico García Lorca, 1) in order to drop off and pick up passengers. It is forbidden to do it in any other place of the city, with the exception of the Paseo los Mikeletes fast point.

The operating rules are as follows:

Donostia Bus Station

  • Each entrance to drop off or to pick up, costs 17,50€ per coach, tax included.
  • This allows 15 minutes at the platform. After 15 minutes coaches must leave the station.
  • The entrance to the station is through the lane marked BUS, and at the entrance, a platform number would be assigned and a ticket given, to consequently make the payment in the payment machines located at -1 floor.
  • If you want to park, you must request permission at control (Office 1st floor-door next to BM) 943 47 51 50 and every hour after the service will cost €30

Paseo los Mikeletes (Behind Miramar Palace)

There is a boarding and a lighting point at the west side of the town: Paseo los Mikeletes, behind Miramar Palace, where the bus can stay for 10 minutes for free. This point is very close from notorious monuments like Miramar Palace, Chillida’s “Comb of the Wind” sculpture or the Funicular to climb to Monte Igueldo Amusment park.

Coach Parking

The coach can be freely parked on a suitable place behind Garbera Commercial Centre, at the east side of the town. (43°18'33"N 1°56'42"W)
This commercial centre is connected by buses 33, 24 & 27 of the DBus bus company