Eco friendly activities

If the planet is everyone's home, then the city is our bedroom, the place where care and respect need to begin. Let’s enjoy Donostia today, but let’s also preserve its authenticity so that we can continue to enjoy it tomorrow.

Discover everything there is to do by yourself or, if you prefer, make it simpler by using a local guide or company to offer you advice and tell you about the best bits to see in each place. This is Donostia / San Sebastian: for people who are committed to the environment and want to respect the authenticity of the destinations that they visit.

In Donostia, we invite you to enjoy all kinds of sustainable activities! Because your choices matter:

rutas verdes interactivas

Green, interactive and accessible routes

Enjoy a pleasant stroll around one of the most magical parks in Donostia / San Sebastian or walk along the bank of the Urumea River. With these interactive routes, you will be able to discover little surprises and interesting facts about our city.

Walking tours through the city

Ametzagaina Park route

Cristina Enea Park route

Urumea River route

planes sostenibles euskal k

Euskal kultura. Basque culture

Donostia / San Sebastian continues to preserve the essence of Basque culture. The traditions of this ancient city are reflected in its streets, its people, its cuisine and its local festivals.

The Museum of Basque Culture

Exploring Basque culture

visitas guiadas sostenible

Guided walking and bike tours

In Donostia / San Sebastian we have excellent travel agents who will help you to discover the secrets of the city and its people. Authentic places and routes, off the beaten track... You will enjoy unforgettable experiences and find out lots more about our culture and traditions!

Authentic experiences

Tourist guides and companies

kom0 planes sostenibles

Km 0. Authentic and local

 The area around Donostia / San Sebastian offers the best ingredients to enjoy Basque cuisine: Tolosa beans, the seafood that is unloaded in our ports, D.O. Idiazabal cheese, Ibarra chilli peppers, etc.

Gastronomic experiences

Gourmet markets and shops

barrios planes sostenibles

Six districts that make the city

There is not one single San Sebastian. There are many of them. As many as their are districts in the city. Explore the true Donostia / San Sebastian, discover its local neighbourhoods!

Donostia district by district

Traditional stores

planes sostenibles calidad de vida

Quality of life. Sustainable destination

It is easy and safe to get around this city, which is designed to be enjoyed on foot, for mixing with the locals and for enjoying a stunning city and its surroundings. Donostia / San Sebastian, an open, welcoming city for sustainable, respectful and high-quality tourism.

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