Autumn in San Sebastian, a love story

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Create your own story, visit the final stage of Woody Allen’s film, San Sebastian, at your own pace.

Stroll around the city’s parks, veritable forests bustling with life. Enjoy the architecture in the Romantic Area. Admire the shifting blues of the sky and the sea from La Concha Bay or as you travel along Gipuzkoa’s varied coastline. Enjoy a seasonal pintxo (tapa) or a traditional San Sebastian dish.

Sebastian is a city that you can fall in love with at any time of year, but it is especially beautiful in the autumn if you know where to look.

Featured activities

Paseo por la Playa de la Concha
A walk around Woody Allen's San SebastianSee activity
Seasonal cuisine. Where do the stars dine?See activity
Peine del Viento
Art in open spacesSee activity
De comprar
Shopping in San SebastianSee activities
Vista de San Sebastián desde Urgull
San Sebastián in a day or moreSee activity
San Telmo Museoa
MuseumsSee activity
Planes en San Sebastián
15 Special activities...for a special autumn!See activity

Welcome to San Sebastian. Thanks for choosing to visit us!

We are working to ensure that everyone who visits us feels safe and fully enjoys their stay. We’re waiting for you.

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Autumn calendar: don’t miss out

Over the last three months of the year, San Sebastian's museums and cultural centres provide highly interesting exhibitions on diverse artistic disciplines such as painting, literature and photography, so San Sebastian is always an enjoyable cultural destination.

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Villages and marvellous outings near to San Sebastian

The eastern Basque coast

Ships from centuries gone by, medieval walls and fishermen’s houses.

The western Basque coast

Cliffs with a lot of history and geological interest. Smoking grills.

French coast

Castles and holiday homes for high society. Fairy tale villages.

Inland with tasty food

Autumn scenery in nature parks, caves and Basque cuisine.

A charming town: PasaiaSee activity
Aiako harria
Aiako Harria Natural Park, nature just a stone's throw from San SebastiánSee activity
Hernio in autumnSee activity
Tolosaldea with children in autumnSee activity