Eduardo Chillida 100 years

Centenary of Eduardo Chillida

In 2024 it will be 100 years since the birth of Eduardo Chillida in San Sebastián and the Eduardo Chillida - Pilar Belzunce Foundation will take advantage of the occasion to disseminate not only his work, but also his values, sensitivity and contributions to the history of contemporary art.

Eduardo Chillida 100 years will promote a complete program of exhibitions, music, education, thought and celebration.

Eduardo ChillidaEduardo Chillida

Who was Eduardo Chillida?

Eduardo Chillida, born on January 10, 1924 in San Sebastián, left an indelible mark on the art world with his innovative approach to sculpture. His work, characterized by abstract and organic forms, has been exhibited around the world, earning international recognition. Chillida not only created art, but also transformed space through his monumental installations, bringing sculpture to life in a unique way.

The Comb of the Wind: An Icon in San Sebastián

Peine del VientoThe Comb of the Wind

Among Chillida's most emblematic works is "The Comb of the Wind" a striking sculptural installation located on the rugged coast of San Sebastián. This masterpiece, created in collaboration with architect Luis Peña Ganchegui, combines the strength of steel sculptures with the roar of the Cantabrian Sea. The contrast between the solidity of the metal pieces and the fluidity of the natural environment is an amazing representation of Chillida's ability to dialogue with the space it occupies.

The Comb of the WindThe Comb of the Wind

The Comb of the WindThe Comb of the Wind

Chillida Leku: An Enduring Legacy

As a lasting tribute to Eduardo Chillida, Chillida Leku, the sculpture space he founded in Hernani, will continue to be a place of inspiration and reflection. Surrounded by nature and housing an exceptional collection of Chillida's works, this artistic corner is a testament to the lasting impact this sculptor has left on the art world.


Centennial Activities Program

Throughout 2024, San Sebastián will witness a series of events that will celebrate the life and work of Eduardo Chillida. From exhibitions in renowned galleries to lectures and workshops, the program seeks to engage locals and visitors alike, exploring the richness of Chillida's legacy and his influence on contemporary arts.

2024 program

Chillida y Maeght


Chillida Leku

2023/12/02 - 2024/04/14

Chillida Lanean

Jesus Uriarte: Chillida Lanean

Sala Artegunea de Kutxa Fundazioa

2024/03/15 - 2024/06/30

Chillida y Balenciaga

Chillida and Balenciaga. Folding the form

Cristóbal Balenciaga Museoa

2024/03/22 - 2025/01/09

Real Sociedad

Chillida and Real Sociedad football club

Estadio Reale Arena


Chillida Leku

100 years of Eduardo Chillida with the Telefónica Collection

Chillida Leku

2024/05/15 - 2024/10/13


Musical routes


2024 / May / October

San Telmo Museoa

Eduardo Chillida and the arts of his time. A conversation (1950-1970)

San Telmo museoa

2024/06/08 - 2024/10/29

Summer solstice

Summer solstice

Performing art
Chillida Leku