Txakoli wine

Txakoli wineTxakoli fields in Getaria


Txakolí wine, however, is above all produced in the coastal towns of Getaria and Zarautz, both of which fall within the denomination of origin: Getariako Txakolína. Txakolí is a young, fruity white wine with moderate alcohol content (9.5º-11.5º). Pale yellow in colour, with intense citrus, herb and flower aromas, fresh, slightly acidic and very easy to drink, txakolí is at its best when served cool out the fridge and from a height to release its flavours as it splashes into the glass.

It was originally produced by artisanal means in the local farmhouses, and a number of existing documents demonstrate that it has been used for trading purposes in Gipuzkoa since at least the early 16th centuTxakoli winery. The grape is harvested in late September or early October, when it is perfectly mature and the sugar/acidity ratio is just right.

It is excellent with fish and seafood. We also recommend that you try it with salted anchovies and white tuna in oil, the aperitifs served by the producers of Txakolí de Getaria on visits to their bodegas.

Txakoli wine