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We want to use our tourism blog to give a voice to everyone who has experienced Donostia, so that you can all share experiences from a personal perspective, showing us authentic, undiscovered and alternative places. Above all, we want you to immerse yourself in the city and enjoy San Sebastian to the maximum!

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Tips for the best dip

Donosti Feeling

Have you ever seen a beach appear and disappear in front of your eyes in the same day? ...

Pasaia Maritime Festival: You’ll be looking out to sea from 26 to 29 May



The Recouvrance, Marité, Oosterschelde, Shtandart… These are some of the twenty-plus-metre-long boats that have been invited to Pasaia and will elicit the most “Wows!” and get snapped in countless photos this year. The sea will be awash with sails, traditional boats and culture, from Thursday 26 May to Sunday 29.

After the txotx it is time for the...Sagardo Egunak (cider days)


3rd of september - Donostia

The Night of San Juan

Say hi to the summer and burn away everything that’s bad!

Less than two hours from San Sebastian

Day trips

Routes and itineraries less than two hours from San Sebastian.

Discover the real San Sebastian and its neighbourhoods on an electric bike!

Sport city


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We want San Sebastian and its beautiful corners to be enjoyed all over the world.Can you help us? From now on, each month we will propose a theme and a hashtag with which you can share your favorite photos.

Are you coming at Easter?

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Here are a few ideas to make your visit to San Sebastián a perfect one.

15 activities for spring in Donostia!

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With the arrival of spring, the mountains, parks and gardens of Donostia are colored with all kinds of flowers, further highlighting the beauty and charm of the city, and its markets are filled with the vegetables of the season: tear peas , asparagus, beans…. A magical time to enjoy endless plans in San Sebastián, do you fancy?

For theatre and dance enthusiasts (dFERIA)


From 14 to 17 March dFERIA, the festival of performing arts! Are you going to miss it? Read more...

This year the Korrika… finishes in San Sebastian!


The Korrika is coming, the huge race around the Basque Country!

The surfing code of conduct

Sport city

Follow these simple norms for your own safety.

Basque Challenge 2: Want to test yourself and show off how much Basque you know?


Here’s a little bit of fun and you can also win one night in the Arbaso Hotel in Donostia / San Sebastian, as well as an additional 150 prizes!


Being bold and trying to guess Basque word meanings has a prize, are you up to the challenge? 

The San Sebastian Carnival


San Sebastian is filling with humour and colour! Carnivals are coming! From 24 to 28 February 2022.  Take a look at the programme!



The calderero krewes, who commemorate the arrival of travelling people to the city and announce the Carnival

Activities for Valentine’s Day in Donostia / San Sebastian

Donosti Feeling

We’re well aware that Donostia / San Sebastian is a city to fall in love with any day of the year. Even people who are not very romantic surrender at its feet. However, we think that coming to visit us on 14 February, when love reigns supreme, can be even more captivating.

Discover the world of cider!

Food and drink

Did you know that until the 20th century the most common drink in Donostia was cider, and that there were once 100 cider bars in the Old Town alone? You will find the best tips for enjoying a sagardotegi!

Inudeak eta Artzainak


The Sunday after the Caldereros celebration (the first Sunday in February or the one following Candlemas) sees the Inudeak eta Artzainak parade, a wink to the courting that went on between nursemaids and shepherds when the latter came down into the city. This is yet another event in the local run-up to Carnival.

Día de Santo Tomás

Saint Thomas's Day


The famous celebrations for Saint Thomas's Day take place every December 21st.

Christmas in San Sebastián: where to eat on this special dates?

Food and drink

On Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year.... many of you want to have a special lunch or dinner in a restaurant.