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We want to use our tourism blog to give a voice to everyone who has experienced San Sebastian, so that you can all share experiences from a personal perspective, showing us authentic, undiscovered and alternative places. Above all, we want you to immerse yourself in the city and enjoy San Sebastian to the maximum!

San Sebastian Tourism Blog

Christmas in San Sebastián: where to eat on this special dates?

Food and drink

On Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year.... many of you want to have a special lunch or dinner in a restaurant.

Are you coming to run the Marathon?

Sport city

Every year thousands of runners from around the world come to Donostia to take part in these race and to enjoy a couple of days in our beautiful city! Here are a few ideas to make your visit to San Sebastián a perfect one.

15 Special activities…for a special autumn!

Donosti Feeling

With the autumn upon us, the markets in San Sebastian are full of different varieties of mushrooms, its woodlands, parks and gardens take on the ochre-shaded colour of their leaves, further highlighting the city’s beauty and charm. A perfect time of year to enjoy countless activities in San Sebastian. Sound good to you?

Our love affair with Donostia - San Sebastián is an open secret

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Mapping 1813-2013

August 31st


The day San Sebastian was burnt to the ground

A bus route... on which you can discover all of the places in San Sebastian!

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A marvellous getaway to Biarritz by direct bus

Day trips

We’ve been waiting for this moment for years, so we were thrilled when we found out that a direct bus from San Sebastian to Biarritz was going to start running this summer.

This year… Abuztua Donostian!

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Are you coming at 56 Jazzaldia?


The Jazz Festival takes more than a half a century bringing the best jazz to our city. It has become both for national and for international people an event you can not miss. If you are one of those fans that have come to celebrate this event to San Sebastian...Here are a few ideas to make your visit a perfect one!

Tips for the best dip

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Have you ever seen a beach appear and disappear in front of your eyes in the same day? ...

Uda Donostian

15 special things to do… for a special summer!

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Did you know that the water in Donostia is high quality? Learn about our fountains!

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In Donostia, we work for a sustainable-city model... so we want to encourage you to drink water from the tap and from our fountains! If you think about it, drinking tap water is the most affordable, practical and ecological alternative. But what's more, Donostia's tap water isn't only potable. It's also high-quality, one of the best three...

A walk around Woody Allen's San Sebastian

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Revisit the scenes in Rifkin's Festival on an interactive walking tour that hits some of the city’s most iconic spots

The estrobo, that crucial yet little-known piece of our seafaring tradition


 In San Sebastián we not only look to the sea when we want to admire the incomparable La Concha bay. Long before the sea became a source of fun and beauty, way back in the 16th century, the sturdy Basque fishermen, those strapping Northern lads, would set out into the wild Atlantic to hunt for whales in a rowboat that has evolved into what we know today as the trainera.

Contest: How much do you know about San Sebastian?


Take the quiz and win a night with sea views and breakfast at Hotel Londres + tickets to multiple museums!

The San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival is nearly here: are you up for having a frightful time?


From 30th October to 6th November, the theatres and streets of San Sebastian turn into an improvised horror movie set to welcome the 31st edition of the Horror and Fantasy Film Festival!

A fairy-tale city rising from among parks and palaces

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Just like in those children’s stories about lands where kings and queens live alongside peasants, Donostia arose and grew until it became the city we know today, rich and varied in the broadest sense of the words.