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Things to do with children in San SebastianInside the Aquarium tunnel


Information on the accessibility to the Aquarium

Almost a century old, but younger than ever since it was revamped in 2008, the San Sebastián Aquarium can boast itself to be one of the most modern oceanographic museums in Europe.

Aquarium has made the dreams of the smallest among us come true, with its specimens of "Nemo”, the famous fish from the film of the same name. Adults too are delighted to vastly improve their knowledge of the marine environment.

Making your way through the 360º acrylic tunnel suspended in the water, surrounded by huge sharks and enormous manta rays, or touching live fish in the touch tank are some of the most entertaining activities available at the museum.


Eureka! Science Museum


Video: Eureka! Science Museum  


Information on the accessibility to Eureka! Science Museum

Discover the most entertaining side of science! Combining learning with having fun can be done at the Eureka! Zientzia Museoa. Added to the permanent exhibition with over 169 models, the Museum also has a Animalia zone for general public, where you can see different ecosystems and the animals (rainforest snakes, desert lizards and salt water fish ) that inhabit them in an effort to understand the importance of preserving our natural environment.

Guided tours are available on weekends, you can make your hair stand on end in the Electricity theatre, or lie on the Fakir’s bed with its 10,000 nails. A digital Planetarium with a varied programme of activities designed for families and astronomy enthusiasts, a place where you can set off in 3D through the Solar System occupying the entire dome.

Lastly, a play area of 300m² with all sorts of simulations will take visitors off into a world of sensations. The Science Museum is a great option for both families and youngsters. Among the newest introductions you’ll find an F1 car, a MAXFLIGHT flight simulator and an Orion Spacecraft. And don’t forget to take a spin on our Roller Coaster! 


The Sea Factory Albaola

albaola-planes-con-niñosThe Sea Factory Albaola

With the building of historical boats as its main activity, Albaola The Sea Factory of the Basques, is an innovative environment where the marine artisanal technology is recovered and showcased. The Factory is open to public and is characterized by its dynamism, the diversity of its activities.They have a place organized by and for kids, where games are the way to learn about maritime heritage and history. It is located inside The Sea Factory of the Basques, so they learn more easily and in a more visual way about the building of the San Juan whaleship.


Monte Igueldo Amusement Park

Another of the great institutions dedicated to the world of youngsters - and the not so young - is the Monte Igeldo amusement park.

A different kind of park, of the kind that no longer exist, where the charm of old-fashioned attractions like the Roller Coaster and Trampolines will have everyone in stitches, no matter what their age.


Information on the accessibility to Igueldo Mountain Amusement Park



Tourist transport

In addition to the city buses, San Sebastián offers tourists several other ways to visit and discover the city.

trasnporte-turistico-niñosBoats to the island and Funicular. Photo Zara.

The Igeldo funicular railway, the Ciudad de San Sebastián catamaran and the boats to the island will delight children and adults as they discover the city from different points of view.

Touristic bus and train

Movilidad San Sebastián

The city tourist open-top double-decker bus and articulated train offer a panoramic route with the best views of Donostia / San Sebastian. They provide an audioguide in 8 languages, and a service adapted for people with reduced mobility. The departure of the tourist train and the tourist bus starts at 11.00am. Both depart every hour, until 19.00pm the bus and 20.00pm the train.

Bus leaves from: República Argentina Street
Train leaves from: Paseo Salamanca Street
Approximate journey time: 1 hour
More information about the bus Tourist bus
More information about the train Tourist train


House of City's History

Things to do with children in San SebastianPeriod costume exhibition in the House of History

In Castillo de la Mota, the exhibition Looking at San Sebastian takes you on a fascinating tour of the city’s history. The tour combines original pieces with a series of reconstructions, engravings, historic photographs and multimedia formats, the keys to understanding local history.


Open air parks and playparks

Things to do with children in San Sebastianthe merry-go-round Alderdi Eder

San Sebastián has several parks, and almost all of them have children’s play areas: Alderdi Eder, Sagüés, Araba park, Riberas de Loiola district…

Added to these are the numerous sports courts and skate parks... for the youngest among us: Sagüés, Felipe IV, Pagola...

We should mention two places that young ones will just love: the merry-go-round Alderdi Eder and the pond in the Plaza de Gipuzkoa, with its ducks and geese. Other interesting areas are the play area beside Ondarreta beach and Araba Park.

Cristina Enea

Things to do with children in San SebastianCristina-enea park

Cristina Enea has a play area, a duck pond and peacocks, Environmental Resources Centre...

Monte Ulía

Things to do with children in San SebastianKids' play park close to the Ulía picnic area

Ulía was constituted for recreational use by the aristocracy in the early 20th century. Today it is the city's biggest hillwalking area. The Coastal Route on the Way of Saint James crosses the hill from east to west. The Peña del Ballenero (Whaler’s Rock) and Peña del Rey (King’s Rock), enormous stones used as lookout points, its picnic area, the revamped Ulía Youth Hostel and the unusual views of the city are just some of its attractions.

Added to these, since summer 2012 the area has its own Interpretation Centre, with a programme of didactic and cultural activities consisting of educational workshops, walks on Monte Ulía, guided tours of the Interpretation Centre, screenings, temporary exhibitions, etc.