Ondarreta beach

A perfect place to enjoy at any time of the year

Ondarreta Beach’s location, water and array of activities make it the perfect place for families as well as those seeking adventure or simply a relaxing day on the sand. Ondarreta Beach is shielded by Monte Igeldo and at the foot of Miramar Palace, at the heart of La Concha Bay.

Ondarreta is the least famous of the three city beaches and for the same reason it is also the quietest beach during the high season. This makes the beach perfect for those with children. There is also a playground on the sand itself, which your little ones are sure to adore.

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A beach for you and your family

If you are seeking the peace and quiet of stretching out in the sun, on a golden sandy beach measuring over 500 metres in length by over 100 metres in breadth, then Ondarreta Beach is the perfect place for you.
If, on the contrary, you are an adventurous spirit and a sporting enthusiast, this beach can also provide a wealth of possibilities, such as canoe hire. Volleyball, paddle-ball and football are other classic activities on this beach.

And if you long to dive into the sea and enjoy a wonderful swimming experience, Ondarreta is the perfect place to do this. The moderate waves mean you can enjoy the sea and swim to the Isla Santa Clara, a small, clear-watered island paradise which is located in the centre of La Concha Bay. And don't forget to take a quick rest on the floating platform before slithering down the slide.

This beach is also well-equipped in that it features the typical blue and white tents which can be hired and which lend a vintage touch to the area. There are also changing areas and showers to ensure that you can enjoy the sea and sand to the fullest before heading out, looking your best, to discover the Antiguo neighbourhood, to eat at any of the restaurants in the area or to follow the length of the walking trail to El Peine del Viento.

Vistas aérea de la Playa de OndarretaLa Concha bay with Ondarreta beach in the foreground

A seaside stroll to El Peine del Viento

However, Ondarreta is more than just a beach. It is flanked by a shoreline path leading towards the El Peine del Viento (‘Wind Comb’) sculpture, where you can walk among the Ondarreta Gardens. These gardens, decorated as they are with their symmetrical floral arrangements, fill the surrounding area with colour, making for a pleasant stroll among them.

Two large-scale sculptures stand out among the flowers and trees. The first of these, located in the centre of the park, is the sculpture which was dedicated to Queen Maria Cristina of Austria by the city council and the residents of the neighbourhood. The second sculpture, positioned by the beach, is a modern work called Zeharki which was created by the artist Juan Ramón Anda.

Jardines junto a la Playa de OndarretaOndarreta Gardens

Estatua de la Reina Maria Cristina en OndarretaStatue of Queen Maria Cristina

After crossing the gardens, the path continues, hugging the beach as far as Monte Igeldo. In particular, on the slopes of this hill you will come across the Tenis Ondarreta restaurant: a perfect place to sit and have an aperitif or enjoy a delicious meal opposite La Concha Bay.

Continuing on your journey, you can come and discover one of the most spectacular sunsets at the El Peine del Viento sculpture. With La Concha Bay on one side and the vast Cantabrian Sea on the other, you can watch the sun disappear over the horizon while the waves leap around the famous Eduardo Chillida sculpture.

Anchored in the rocks in an unusual fashion, El Peine del Viento is the one photo opportunity that you must not leave out of your Donostia/San Sebastián album. When the sea is at its most choppy, the battering of the waves against the rocky slopes of Monte Igeldo and the three sculptures creates a truly enchanting scene.


Visit the hidden corners surrounding the beach

Ondarreta Beach is surrounded by intriguing places which you must surely visit. At one end of the beach, you will discover Miramar Palace. Built in the 19th century as a summer residence for the Spanish royal family, the architecture and gardens of this palace mean that it is an unbeatable place to take a photo with the Bay in the background.

Following this visit, you can delve deeper into the Antiguo neighbourhood and go for a wander through its streets. This is one of those timeless neighbourhoods which hides charming corners which simply beg to be discovered.

And as a final stop in this part of Donostia/San Sebastián, take the Monte Igeldo funicular and immerse yourself in the history of the city. This is the best way of reaching the iconic fairground at the summit: an especially enchanting park with breathtaking views.

Ondarreta webcam

Would you like to get the latest about the beach before you go? You can discover if the tide is high or low, how many people there are and even the height of the waves in real time thanks to the webcam that has been set up next to the beach.

Click on "Play" and see the weather at the beach right now.