Plans in San Sebastian

The greatest attraction of Donostia (the name of San Sebastián in Basque) is allowing yourself to follow the rhythm marked by the city. Taking a stroll. Enjoying every step, the harmony between the streets and the buildings, the style and elegance of its shop windows, admiring its changing landscape, its privileged natural setting.

Here we list a few activities and ideas so that you can enjoy San Sebastián at your leisure.




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Things to do as a couple

Discover one of Europe’s most romantic destinations thanks to its beautiful sunsets, its attractive hotels and La Perla spa.

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Sports activities

San Sebastián and its surroundings are perfect for sport: surfing, running, trekking, cycling... Do you want to discover the myriad proposals San Sebastián has to offer so that you can enjoy doing sport and physical exercise?

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Things to do with children

Children have to be kept busy, and you want to make the most of your time here. We propose fun activities to enjoy as a family, from fascinating museums to merry-go-rounds, a Belle Époque amusement park and so much more. Having a great time as a family is always a fantastic idea!

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Friendly San Sebastián

Donostia is known for being a cosmopolitan, open and friendly city. Our streets are full of life, flavour and culture. They are gathering places, always packed full of things to do and with a warm approach to the LGTBI collective.

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Don’t leave San Sebastián without taking a little bit of it with you! Enjoy Donostia/San Sebastián by getting lost in its shopping precincts; discover stores that have lost none of their essence and flavour over the years, where trendsetting and alternative boutiques blend in harmoniously with shops selling typical products and handicrafts.

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Tourist transport

The best way to discover the city centre is to hop onto the tourist bus or train. But if you’d rather visit it from the water, take a look at our options. Enjoy Donostia/San Sebastián from our beloved Cantabrian Sea.

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Sail and fish

Discover the city with greater freedom and from the water, feel the sea breeze on your face. Did you know you can rent a boat with no skipper? Either that or enjoy a sail along the coast, water sports, fishing outings, a hen or stag party with a difference... and lots more!

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Don’t go to sleep just yet! The night’s still young and it’s out there waiting for you. Give in to the seduction of the late-night vibe in the Old Town and head along to the clubs and discothèques spread about the city.

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Learn languages

 San Sebastián is a multilingual city. Its two official languages (Spanish and Basque) live comfortably side-by-side with French and English. And today they’re joined by many other languages that bring us increasing wealth. Learn to order pintxos in more than one language!

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For the non-stop travellers

If guided tours and ready-made activities aren’t your thing and you’d rather enjoy unique experiences like heading for the island at your own rhythm by paddle surf or getting lost in an exclusive art gallery hidden deep in our streets, no problem!

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For the more exquisite traveller

Do you want to have your own exclusive guide? To eat in the city’s finest starred restaurant? To enjoy the luxury and exclusivity of premium accommodation? Donostia/San Sebastián is just the place for select palates and opulent fancies.

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Foodie activities

In San Sebastián food expresses the things we may not know how to say with words. Every pintxo and every dish embodies the language we use to convey unrepeatable emotions you’ll never forget.

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Cultural activities

 Museums, cultural centres, art galleries, sculptures, festivals… Donostia/San Sebastián oozes culture! 

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