The River Urumea

Rio UrumeaUrumea river

As well as being bathed by the sea, a wide river runs through San Sebastián. The Urumea enters the city in the district of Martutene and runs out into the Cantabrian Sea on the Bay of Biscay, between  Monte Urgull and the Zurriola. Both banks of the river have lovely, elegant walkways and shady avenues. The Zurriola Bridge, with its impressive lamp posts, the older Santa Catalina and María Cristina, with its dragons and all sorts of sculptural motifs, mark out the different stretches of the river before it runs into the sea. Making your way a little further into the city towards Loiola, you will come to three recently built bridges: Mundaiz, Lehendakari Agirre and Real Sociedad.

Walking along these paths and discovering all six bridges (each with its own style and period) is a delightful activity enjoyed by numerous walkers and runners.

Rio Urumea

Rio Urumea