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I am Jokin Egaña, I have a Degree in Law from the University of the Basque Country (San Sebastián) and an MBA specialising in e-business from Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (Madrid). After working for a decade as a lawyer and undertaking a number of projects focusing on new technologies, in 2010 I set up the Grupo EGF consultancy operating exclusively in the gay (LGTBI) consumer segment. I have launched a large number of business and cultural initiatives concerning the LGTBI community, such as the Spanish Association of Gay-Friendly Companies, Spain's 1st LGTBI-Friendly Business and Institutional Congress, the professional network SinerGay, Loev Magazine, and the "Homocultura" cultural platform. I am currently executive director of Canal YOU! TV, the only nationwide gay (LGTBI) channel produced in Spain. I also presents the “Homocultura” programme on Canal YOU! TV, which furnishes a generous space with an underground profile for highly talented artists who, due to the LGTBI label, do not garner the media impact they deserve in general outlets.

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