Don't go to sleep yet!

gu-discoteca-donostiaPhoto: Discoteca Gu

The moon is out. The stars are out. So why not go out too? Wander around the Old Town, the Gros district, Egia and Reyes Católicos Street. The night has only just begun

In Donostia / San Sebastián the nights are varied, changeable, personal. Everyone has their own night out here. The one they want, the one they’re looking for. It’s a night surrounded by the sea, which cools the temperature, means that everyone has a different experience and gives it a unique style. For example: you leave a bar on the Boulevard and cross the river to go to another on Zurriola. The city lights are reflected in the water. You hear the waves passing beneath the mbridge. You can smell the dark sea. There’s nothing else like it.


It might be a relaxed evening of conversations that you’ll never forget, or it might be wild and crazy night, where things happen so quickly that you can hardly remember anything. You can have the night that you decide. Or the night may decide for you.


There are four main nightlife areas. The Old Town, a lively and diverse selection of bars and pubs. Reyes Católicos, at the back of Buen Pastor Cathedral, the chic area of town, withtrendy bars and alternative music. Egia, with micro-theatre and live music. And the Gros District, young and alternative, with bars that are scattered about but with unique styles, ideal for sitting down and slowly enjoying a cool drink. The bars in these three areas close at three in the morning. But don’t leave just yet, there’s still more fun to be had.


The action continues in the port and on the Zurriola and La Concha beaches, with nightclubs on the seafront, as changing as the tides, where everything and anything can happen.