Zurriola beach

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WAVES, SURF and youngsters. These are the main features of the Zurriola Beach, San Sebastián’s liveliest and vibiest stretch of sand. Located in the district of Gros, between the Kursaal and Monte Ulía, ever since it was remodelled 15 years ago the Zurriola Beach has become a favourite with surfers and youngsters who come from all over the world in search of fun and new acquaintances.

The main reason for visiting the “Zurri”, as the local youths like to call it, is to move your body. This lively aspect is precisely its greatest attraction. Surf championships and daily surf classes, volleyball, football and beach-tennis... The hub of beach activity is to be found here, on the 800 metres of sand occupied by the Zurriola.

Crowning the easternmost end of the promenade is the Kursaal Congress Centre and Auditorium, a symbol of new modern architecture designed by Rafael Moneo. The building forms the backbone of local cultural and congress activity and is the hub of San Sebastián's major festivals.

The promenade running round the beach from Sagüés to the Kursaal ‘cubes’ continues on its way round Monte Urgull and along the Paseo Nuevo to end at the Peine del Viento sculpture on the Concha Bay. This spectacular city walk covers around 6 kilometres and offers spectacular sea views and delightful resting spots along the way.

From the Zurriola, you can also make your way up to Monte Ulía, a green area only a moment's walk from the city centre.  A former look-out point for whales, Monte Ulía is the city's best hillwalking option and follows part of the coastal route on the Way of Saint James.

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