The TOP pintxos from every neighbourhood

Carlos de Gil Photographer and source content management in Tutti Community

The best options to sample in a city that is seen and lived, but above all experienced through food. This is a city which is continuously improving as a result of its fierce level of culinary competition; a city where it feels like there is always a new place to visit, or an old one which has taken on an interesting new character.


1. Unleavened bread roll, homemade hummus, lettuce, tomato, vegan mayonnaise and a falafel ball
2. Mushroom tartlet with Iberian ham and Roquefort sauce
3. Ham crostini
4. Toasted bread with breaded wild asparagus, wrapped in ham and shredded leek
5. A tartlet with a lettuce base, avocado, pineapple, surimi, cocktail sauce and prawns


1. Codfish fritters
2. Grilled squid with caramelised onions, a dash of Modena vinegar
3. Prawn and bacon skewer on toasted bread seasoned
4. Mushroom ‘txapela’ stuffed with foie
5. Toasted bread with red pepper, boiled egg, mayonnaise and prawn crowned


1. Crumbled crab in won ton pasta
2. Sliced cod in garlic and pepper sauce
3. Shrimp cakes
4. Smoked cod slices, fresh tomatoes and "piquillo" Pepper Chutney
5. Portion of octopus


1. Slow-roasted pork mini-taco with guacamole
2. Basque-style pork taco-talo
3. Gilda
4. Brie cheese coated in poppy seeds a
5. Belartieta


1. ‘Trainera’: slice of ham, grilled baby squid & prawn
2. Potato churros with egg and truffle
3. CPrawn tail wrapped in Italian pasta, leek and carrot and an onion sauce
4. Pancakes with chocolate and whipped cream

Historical quarter

1. Old beef sirloin with green pepper and Maldon salt
2. ‘Txuleta’ croquette
3. Grilled octopus with marinated boiled potatoes, onions and kimchi mayonnaise
4. Old beef sirloin with chips and peppers