The TOP pintxos from every neighbourhood

Donostik-tak Blogger

The best options to sample in a city that is seen and lived, but above all experienced through food. This is a city which is continuously improving as a result of its fierce level of culinary competition; a city where it feels like there is always a new place to visit, or an old one which has taken on an interesting new character.


  1. “Carrillera” Iberian acorn-fed pig cheek, BAR AGUSTÍN
  2. Cod in “pil-pil” garlic and pepper sauce, BAR AUKERA
  3. "Txalupa” / Squid in tempura, BAR TXIRRITA


  1. Russian salad, BAR KIKI
  2. Cod confit with pistachio emulsion, LA CERVECERÍA DEL ANTIGUO
  3. Arzak pintxo, LA REBOTIKA
  4. Fish pie with hake, red scorpionfish and anglerfish, BAR OLIYOS


  1. Langostino prawn ravioli with White Martini sauce, ANTONIO BAR
  2. Grilled squid with caramelised onion, BAR AVENIDA XXI
  3. “Club Ranero” cod, BAR ITURRIOZ
  4. Oysters, BAR KATA 4
  5. Salmon toastie with anchovy duo, BAR LA PERLA
  6. Langostino prawn skewer with Emmental cheese in tempura, BAR ROJO Y NEGRO
  7. Potato tortilla pintxo, BAR VICTORIA CAFÉ


  1. Potato, fungi and yolk, BAR GURE TXOKO
  2. Home-made mussel, fungi and ham croquettes, BAR LABRIT
  3. ”Cochinita Pibil” taco, TAQUERÍA KURSAAL
  4. Stewed pig snout and tripe / Anchovy toasties, BAR TXALOTA
  5. “Picantillas”: spicy mini-pie with bonito, mayonnaise, lettuce and onion, BAR URTXORI BI

Historical quarter

  1. Grilled foie, CASA BARTOLO
  2. “Txapela” roast mushroom with pine kernels and egg yolk, CASA UROLA
  3. Wrapped cod with pil-pil garlic emulsion, CASA VERGARA
  4. Anglerfish/langostino prawn pintxo, GANBARA
  5. “Zamburiña” scallops au gratin, HAIZEA
  6. Mushroom pintxo, LA CEPA DE BERNARDO
  7. Cheese and anchovy “canutillo” flute, LA VIÑA BAR
  8. Red pepper with a filling of bonito with tartare sauce and Jerez vinaigrette, MARTÍNEZ
  9. Game carpaccio, “zamburiña” scallops, croquettes…, MUXUMARTIN
  10. Shrimp battered and mushrooms, TAMBORIL
  11. Anglerfish skewer, ZUMELTZEGI


  1. Unleavened bread roll, homemade hummus, lettuce, tomato, vegan mayonnaise and a falafel ball
  2. Mushroom tartlet with Iberian ham and Roquefort sauce
  3. Ham crostini
  4. Toasted bread with breaded wild asparagus, wrapped in ham and shredded leek
  5. A tartlet with a lettuce base, avocado, pineapple, surimi, cocktail sauce and prawns