What can we do if it rains?

San Sebastián is a perfect place to spend your holidays or for a weekend getaway. If you’ve decided to spend a few days in the pearl of the Cantabrian Sea and you find you’ve ended up with weather that you didn’t expect (or maybe you did), then don’t worry, San Sebastián can provide many alternatives when the weather’s bad:

Pop into the Tourist Office

Whether it’s raining and thundering or sunny... all the information that you need so that you don’t miss out on anything is at Boulevard 8! You can also get yourself a delightful iridescent umbrella or a xira (poncho) from Donostia San Sebastián Turismoa to protect you from the rain (if it pours down, an umbrella won’t be enough).

Soak up culture in the museums and art centres in San Sebastián!

There’s nothing better you can do on a rainy day! The city has a comprehensive varied selection range of museums to satisfy even the most curious minds with wide-ranging exhibitions and modern facilities. Visit the numerous museums, art galleries or other places devoted to art and culture!

On rainy days we have a spectacle of waves!

Did you know that in San Sebastián, when the weather gets rough, waves of between 5-10 metres high can form that can even reach up to 20 metres? You can watch the spectacle or capture the moment from the Paseo Nuevo, Mount Urgull or the Comb of the Wind… but be careful, don’t get too close!

Shopping made in Donostia

San Sebastian has managed to retain the essence of traditional shopping, with a wide variety of establishments that offer tried and tested products with the same quality as always: highly sophisticated stores, alternative establishments and big brand boutiques. And, as it’s also not a very big city, the shops are concentrated in the same areas, so going shopping is very convenient. Find out all the options you have for going shopping!

Enjoy yourself as a family without getting wet!

Have fun as you learn among over 200 species of fish in the Aquarium. Marvel at the large planetarium and scientific experiments for kids at the Eureka! Science Museum, or go ice skating at the Txuri-Urdin ice rink. We have loads of activities to enjoy with kids!

Enjoy the shower… at a spa with sea views

Bathing with spectacular views of La Concha Bay is irresistible! Relaxation, wellness, jacuzzi, sea water... A unique place in Europe, where seawater provides the means of really enjoying some physical toning and relaxation therapy.

In this city you can eat swell in all sorts of ways... treat yourself!

We are right in the middle of the cider house season... Standing or seated, the atmosphere that is created in a “sagardotegi” is something that you really have to experience! If you prefer, you can enjoy the cuisine of San Sebastián with another unforgettable gastronomic experience! Michelin stars, traditional markets, the very best pintxos...

Discover every little corner of Donostia without a drop of rain falling on you

The San Sebastián City Tour offers a panoramic route with the very best views of the city. A really fun way to discover the city without getting wet!

Take a close look at Basque pelota

Pelota is fun and culture! Head for the Galarreta pelota court and enjoy one of the most spectacular kinds of Basque pelota with a game of Remonte. You can also go to the Atano III or Balda pelota courts to learn about the world of Basque pelota at first hand.

More leisure activities in San Sebastián

Anything else you want to know? In these pages you can find out everything that Donostia has to offer for your enjoyment: go and see a play, dance at one of our many concerts, enjoy the latest releases at the cinema or try your luck at the games tables...