The surfing code of conduct


The surfing code of conduct is made up of a series of universal norms that try to define the unwritten laws of surfing so as to make it safer. This code should be followed by all surfers whatever level they are at.

1. Do not drop in on other surfers.
The surfer who is nearest the area where the wave is breaking has priority to surf it. Wait your turn in the line-up.
Beginners should not go to the line -up until they are convinced that they can catch waves in as controlled a manner as possible.
Line-up: The zone where waves begin to break.

2. Paddling towards the line-up
Do not paddle towards the line-up through the impact zone of the waves, as other surfers will be riding them. Surfers riding the wave always have priority.

3. Communication
When you catch a wave, always let the other surfers know your intentions and what direction you are going in.

4. Do not let go of your surf board.
Hold onto your surfboard when going against the waves and learn to pass under them. Never let go of your board, you may seriously injure another surfer.

5. Respect the beach and the ocean.
Respect local surfers, do not try to have every single wave for yourself and respect more experienced surfers. Keep the ocean and the beach clean.

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