Activities for Valentine’s Day in Donostia / San Sebastian

Long live love!We’re well aware that Donostia / San Sebastian is a city to fall in love with any day of the year. Even people who are not very romantic surrender at its feet. However, we think that coming to visit us on 14 February, when love reigns supreme, can be even more captivating.

Ready to enjoy this Valentine’s Day in Donostia / San Sebastian, like you deserve?

We hope to see you here, taking a look around this unique setting and enjoying the activities that we recommend for you!

1. Butterflies in your tummy? Have some pintxos too!


For anyone who believes that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, we have countless culinary offerings. We promise you; Donostia / San Sebastian is the perfect city for lovers of food.

Also, this is one of the cities with the highest number of Michelin stars per square metre in the world. Impressive, eh?! But you also have to try the experience of going out for pintxos (tapas) or enjoying our culinary origins in a cider house.  


2. La Perla: A romantic and very, very relaxing plan with views of the bay


Another unmissable activity that we recommend is a visit to La Perla Thalassotherapy Centre. Where else can you enjoy a spa with views of La Concha Bay?


3. Sunset from an unbeatable setting


After enjoying the very best of our cuisine and with your body feeling completely refreshed after a spa session, it’s time for love to hit you right between the eyes. There are many places in the city from which you can watch amazing sunsets. The best way to round off a perfect Valentine’s Day.


4. And when the night comes...


Donostia / San Sebastian offers accommodation like nowhere else, with lots of character. There are options to suit all tastes. Feel at home (or better!) and celebrate love in one of these charming hotels.


If that’s left you wanting more, read on

If you have a little more time or you fancy doing something besides our recommendations, take a look at these other plans, equally stupendous ways of getting the most out of Valentine’s Day in Donostia / San Sebastian.


Donostia / San Sebastian, romantic destination

Whatever you end up deciding to do, rest assured that it will be a good choice. It’s no coincidence that there are so many articles in the media about Donostia / San Sebastian being one of the best destinations for a romantic getaway.

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