Are you coming to run the Marathon?

In November Donostia is abuzz with the excitement of running. Two city hosts two major races two important fixtures on the running calendar: the Behobia-San Sebastián 20km race on November 12 and the San Sebastián Marathon on November 26.


Every year thousands of runners from around the world come to Donostia to take part in these two races and to enjoy a couple of days in our beautiful city! Here are a few ideas to make your visit to San Sebastián a perfect one.

Where to eat?

As for the rest of your time here, we have recommendations for all appetites and budgets. After all, this is San Sebastián, the mecca of gastronomy and the ultimate in good eating! 


We've got it all, from Michelin-starred restaurants (Did you know that Donostia / San Sebastián has more Michelin stars per square meter than anywhere else on the planet?), to pintxo bars, vegetarian restaurants, cider houses, eateries featuring international fare ... There's no time to lose. Take advantage of our Restaurant Guide


A little shopping?

Get ready to take to the streets, because San Sebastián is like a huge open-air shopping centre. 



Guided tours

Time is short to get to know the city ... but don't dispair! We'll show you some of the city's highlights:


  • if you want to visit the essentials, take a look at these city tours
  • If you want to discover the rich cultural tradition of our city visit our museums
  • And if you want to become intimate with some of the world's best in miniature gastronomy sign up for, a Pintxo Tour, a guided tour which includes three pintxos and three beverages.


And after de race…

I just want to relax! If you ask any local runners, they'll all say: Soak in the seawater SPA, with spectacular views of La Concha Bay. Unique in Europe, seawater at the spa is used as a form of therapy to restore and revitalize the body. Do you want to buy this great experience now?


And don't forget to read up on training tips, schedules, race routes and more, on the Marathon official website.  

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