Belle Époque at the Racecourse!

Belle Époque Day is being held at San Sebastian Racecourse from 12.00 pm on Saturday, st July. So, grab your straw hat, sunshade, pearl necklace and long dress from your wardrobe and come along to this very special race, which has been held for 107 years!

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It may seem incredible, but over 100 years have passed since Alfonso XIII opened the San Sebastian Racecourse, designed as a place for the European aristocracy to come and enjoy horse racing. One of the main reasons it was built in Donostia / San Sebastian was its status as a neutral area (it was 1916 and Europe was in the midst of a World War). So, in just over nine months, the members of the European elite had a new racecourse where they could enjoy races and get dressed up while they holidayed in our beautiful city.

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It was precisely 2nd July 1916 when the most chic people around came to the Racecourse to watch the then king, Alfonso XIII, come to open the racing season. 106 years have passed since then, but the people of San Sebastian continue to recreate that event with the same passion and glamour.

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To get everyone in the mood, for the first race in July, the members of the Kresala company are dusting off the Belle Époque costumes that they wear at the Artzaiak eta Iñudeak parade. They are elegant, striking and fun, as the occasion demands. And they encourage everyone to follow their lead and dress in the style of that period for a day, to put on a bonnet hat or straw hat and go to the Racecourse for an afternoon of horse racing, just like the aristocracy did over 100 years ago.

On top of that, the fifth race that day will be the San Sebastian Tourist Office Stakes. Don’t miss it!

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