Donostia / San Sebastian inspires us

Donostia/San Sebastián is a seafront city. It’s a dance each day against the changing backdrop of the Cantabrian sea. It’s world-renowned cuisine, constantly reinvented. It’s a film at the Zinemaldi and it’s the music of a festival, one of the many that arrive each year to change our view of the world around us. It’s in the gaze of its people, the eyes of its visitors. Donostia is emotion. Donostia is inspiration!

Musicians, poets, artists… They fell in love with this beautiful city and couldn’t resist paying a tribute to it in one of their works.


Bruno Vaisse - Donostia

This is my homage to the city of Donostia:


Sudath Liyanage - Poem to San Sebastián

A famous British poet, Wordsworth, wrote a poem called “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”, praising the beauty of the English countryside. I think he would have written an even better one if he’d visited San Sebastián: 

San Sebastian

The curves are neat, soft and nice
Who is the artist that decided the size
Of them; the pavements, corridors along
He is precise in authoring the song
Benches along the pathways we walk
Steps that connect byways or a yoke
Are of edges that smooth and serene
Further to that they divinely clean.

White and bright as far as we see
Picturesque sands lay along the sea
Iota of dirt, not to be seen
I am in a heaven I really do mean
Softest kisses of the pretest “San”
Offers she morning, night and the dawn
This is the breeze that reaches the bones
Lyrics for the wise, but not for morons
“Wandered like a lonely cloud” *
A poet that made his country so proud.
Had he met San Sebastian a day
Words that worth in gold for today.


Wavelet - La Zurriola

Back in our student days in Donostia, we formed a band: two boys from Burgos, a boy from Logroño and a girl from Donostia. We spent 5 years here and we learnt to surf at the Zurriola beach. Although we live in Barcelona now, we have such fond memories of the beach and the city that we’ve written a song about it!


Thomas Lina - Lagun

I’m a Dutch singer-songwriter and I wrote a song about Donostia/San Sebastián, the Basque Country and friendship. The song’s called “Lagun” and it features on my new LP The Late Night Show.