Love & The City

Vanessa Lasaga

I declare my eternal love to you, Donostia…


Because my grandad used to take me for a walk around your bay when I was not yet able to hold my own head up...and when I was able to do so, he would buy me tasty treats at your rolled wafer stalls, which would melt in my almost toothless mouth.


I declare my eternal love to you, Donostia…


Because when I could finally walk, there was no greater adventure than going to La Concha with my grandma when the tide was low, to enjoy all of the little swimming pools that you created for me. I can easily recall the first time that we fell out, over the ice cold water of your showers. I now understand that you only wanted to toughen me up, make be strong and show me that you have to keep a cool head and a warm heart...


A warm heart is synonymous with hearing the March of San Sebastian in the Plaza de la Constitución at midnight. Unforgettable experiences, always in the best company, your barrels, drums and chefs who are proud to be part of you. Embraces that taste heavenly.


I declare my eternal love to you, Donostia…


For having kept the secret of my first loves, without the knowledge of my parents, and we would stroll through your forests, along your terraces, we would hide beneath the squid boats that used to be in the port, and we would enjoy sunsets as we kissed in the port while the motorboats went back and forth with locals and visitors.

wedding-ssFoto: Sisters and the city

I declare my eternal love to you, Donostia…


For having allowed me to cry inconsolably on Mount Ulía, with a broken heart, while you, in that elegant way so typical of San Sebastian, showed me that the sun keeps on rising and life has different colours every day. You showed me that you also have to be able to appreciate the sad times, because every day counts and you mustn’t “miss your turn”.

wedding-ss-euriaFoto: Sisters and the city

I declare my eternal love to you, Donostia…


For showing me the true meaning of risk. Don’t you remember how? Yes! With the Swiss Mountain roller coaster! With nothing but a little chain to hold you in, it launches you along its tracks and shows you that, sometimes, you have to change your perspective.

wedding-ss-igeldoFoto: Sisters and the city

For all of this and much more, I declare my eternal love to you...


...and I confess that I felt giddy that time when, after an especially long trip, I understood that it doesn't matter where I am or what I'm doing. I will always truly and sincerely love you with all of my heart.


I promise to give back all of that love that you have given to me by trying to tell the couples who want to get married in San Sebastian all about you. Shall we get started? Wed in San Sebastian is my first act of love and I promise that there will be more.


Maite zaitut, Donostia. I love you, Donostia


Are you thinking about getting married in San Sebastian? On Saturday 30th of November and Sunday 1st of December you will be able to visit Wed in San Sebastian, the wedding market where you can enjoy a display of the various moments of a wedding and get advice from the industry’s top professionals while you look at their work in the incredible Miramar Palace. It’s sure to inspire you!


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