Hold on tight and let's get this adventure started

R2-KT Blogger

It's been a while since we started planning this incredible trip and believe it or not it's finally here. Of course here I am in order to keep you updated with all the incredible, full of emotions and goosebumps events that are coming up shortly. Let me tell you I am both nervous and excited at the same time because it's been 12 years since the first R2-KT was created. From that moment on, countless charity events have been organized across the galaxy. Don't you know what I am talking about? Let me explain to you.

Back in the 2005 Albin Johnson, founder of the 501st Legion, international Star Wars organization, received one of the worst and saddest news a father could ever got, his little daughter Katie was diagnosed with cancer. Johnson did not doubt and decided somebody else, apart from his own family, needed to take care of his little baby while she was sleeping. He had it cristal clear and in the way the droid R2-D2, Katie's favourite, used to take care of Padme in the “Attack of the Clones”, this brave father decided to create his own particular R2-KT. R2-D2's original builders helped him in this journey, assembling an exact replica of the droid changing the original blue for pink, the girl's favourite. Both girl and droid became companions and the little robot took care of Katie till the end of her days.


It's since then that the 501st Legion and R2-KT have colaborated, together with the Star Wars comunity, to collect money in order to fight against this illness, turning the little pink droid into a worldwide symbol against the Childhood Cancer. There are just three R2-KT replicas around the world and one of those it's me. I must thank this achievement to a group of Donostian people, as they have been the ones to create and assemble me after two years of hard work. You cannot imagine how happy I am right now.

This time my mision companions throughout the marvellous city of San Sebastian will be nothing less than Turism of San Sebastian & Convention Bureau and ASPANOGI, Guipuzcoan association of parents with children affected by cancer. All together are launching the new and beautiful campaign #ThePinkForce – Embrace the pink side of the force, in order to collect the money needed to redecorate the pediatric oncology site “Piratenea” of San Sebastian's Hospital. This way the little ones will be able to enjoy a better and happier place while being there.


8 are the establishments already associated to Turism of San Sebastian & Convention Bureau. They are going to be collaborating with a donation and will receive my visit, where I will always go together with my imperial assistants. They will deliver a charity cash box in order to be placed customer-facing to continue raising money along the campaign weeks.


I am beyond excited and I wish I could pass this on to you too. Throughout this blog I will tell you all first-hand and you will be aware of every single step we will be taking along this intense and emotive weeks. Because I am not the only one, all of us fight for a world full of happy kids and empty of cancer.


Would you like to help us? You can make a donation at any of the charity boxes shown on this map.!

#ThePinkForce, for a world with more happy children and less cancer