This year the Korrika… finishes in San Sebastian!

The Korrika is coming, the huge race around the Basque Country! It will start on 31 March in Amurrio and end on 10 April in Donostia-San Sebastian. 

Day by day, it will go everywhere in the Basque Country, passing through every town and village, mile by mile, staking a claim for the Basque language wherever it goes.

korrika kartela 2


The chosen slogan this year is HITZEKIN. Words (hitz) make up a language, but actions (ekimen) make up the language community. It is time to act, to move from words to action. It is everyone’s duty!


11 days and 2,500 kilometres holding the baton

It is exciting to see how day and night, morning and evening, every kilometre, by the side of the road, there is always someone waiting for the baton. This initiative to promote the Basque language can overcome the snow or wind, rain or shine, hot or cold. Nothing can stop it.

korrika collage

The Korrika comes to the towns and villages, where the kids, young people and adults of all ages are ready to take the baton and pass it on to the next person. Everyone wants to do their bit and help to promote the Basque language. The Korrika is an example of what we can do when we join forces.

korrika neskatila

An unbeatable finish

This year, the Korrika finishes in Donostia-San Sebastian. We will be welcoming the runners with open arms and we will stake our claim for the Basque language.

korrika udaletxe post