#Basquechallenge. are you up to the challenge?

At San Sebastian-Donostia Tourist Office we want to show everyone who visits us the best of our city and we use the BASQUE CHALLENGE to present EUSKERA, our language. Every year we prepare a challenge based around Basque culture. The first is to repeat this sentence in Basque:

"Ni gai naiz, zuek ere izango al zinatekete?"

On 3rd December, Basque Language Day, we will hold a prize draw with all of the participants and the winner will win a meal for 2 people at the famous Arzak restaurant (with 3 Michelin stars).

There are two options for taking part:

  • 1. Share the video on social media and challenge your friends (tag them).
  • 2. Record yourself as you repeat the sentence and upload the video to social media with the hashtag #basquechallenge (x5 extra numbers for the prize draw!).




Give it a go!

The result of the prize draw will be made public on San Sebastian Tourism’s official Facebook pages, on its Instagram and Twitter profiles and on the official website www.sansebastianturismoa.eus.


And the winner is...


Making of


Videos of the participants