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The txotx season has finished, making way for the “Sagardo Egunak” (“Cider Days”). When the cider season finishes, the cider is bottled and the Cider Day celebrations begin in different towns across Gipuzkoa and the surroundings.

sagardo-eguna-irun-hitzaPhoto: Bidasoako Hitza

So, to continue this cider tradition... you’ve come at the right time! The spring weather invites us to sample the new cider al fresco. What a great plan!

sagardo-eguna-donosti-sagardoaren-lurraldeaPhoto:Sagardoaren Lurraldea

The first Cider Day is always the Errenteria Cider Day, which will be celebrated on 29 April this year. From then on, every weekend or every other weekend you’ll find a Cider Day in one town of Gipuzkoa or another.


I recommend that you try one: there is always a great atmosphere, traditional Basque music, “pintxos” (small snacks) and, of course, lots of cider!


The price is excellent! For €6 you get a glass of cider, a checked handkerchief, a pintxo and 10 cider tickets. This varies depending on the town... But it gives you an idea, right? The Cider Day only ends when all of the producers have finished the cider that they brought.


So that you don't miss a single Cider Day I’ve made you all a list of the 2019 dates (*in bold type the confirmed one). I'm sure I’ve left out a couple, but if I come across them then I’ll update the list:

  • 27/04 - Sagardo Eguna Orereta
  • 11/05 - Sagardo Eguna de Irun
  • 18/05 - Sagardo Eguna Lezo
  • 19/05 Sagardo eguna Morlans (Donostia)
  • 19/05 - Sagardo Eguna Usurbil
  • 26/05 - Sagardo Eguna Oiartzun
  • 01/06 - Sagardo Eguna Intxaurrondo (Donostia),  Pasai Antxo and Zizurkil
  • 08/06- Sagardo Eguna Trintxerpe (Donostia), Leitza and Ibarra
  • 15/06 - Sagardo Eguna Hendaia
  • 22/06 - Sagardo Eguna Anoeta 
  • 02/07 - Sagardo Eguna Altza (Donostia)
  • 06/07 - Sagardo Eguna Bidebieta (Donostia)
  • 10/07 - Sagardo Eguna Zumaia
  • 13/07 - Sagardo Eguna Andoain
  • 20/07 - Sagardo Eguna Aizarnazabal
  • 21/07 - Sagardo Eguna Gros (Donostia)
  • 25/07 - Sagardo Eguna Azpeitia
  • 27/07 - Sagardo Eguna Hondarribia, Altzo and Billabona
  • 07/09 - Sagardo Eguna Donostia (Euskal Jaiak -Basque Festival)
  • 28/09 - Sagardo Eguna Irura

                                                                                                                                                                   *You can consult the agenda of Sagardo Route