Green Gipuzkoa

Natural places, caves and gastronomy

If coming to Gipuzkoa already represents escaping from your routine, delving into our natural places will feel like a true release due to the beauty, intimacy and inspiration of the environment. It’s a break within your break. Come on in and discover the pathways through the extraordinary natural parks, the caves and the gastronomy in Gipuzkoa:



Walks through the mountains of Gipuzkoa

The views from the height are impressive. Put on your boots and venture into our particular mountain paradise. For lovers of quiet walks in nature or sporty adventurers.



The Arditurri mines, the replica of the Ekain cave, Ekainberri, and poignant Arrikrutz complete a fascinating inland trip through Gipuzkoa’s past.



Gipuzkoa is a 1,909 km2 restaurant. Here, cooking is an essential part of the culture and of life itself. From births to funerals, everything is celebrated around the table, and conversations always turn to what you ate last time and what you’ll eat next time.