Surf the asphalt, give it a go!!!

Xaxio and Arri Designers of artisanal & Sustainable Surfskates

If I tell you that I’m thinking about surfing around Gipuzkoa what probably come to mind are La Zurriola, Zarautz, Orrua… that’s logical and normal. But today I’m suggesting that you surf the streets of Donostia, the promenade in Zarautz, the centre of Beasain, the old part in Tolosa… or any lost highway in the countryside. We’re going to surf the asphalt!

When humans invented the wheel, they did so to make their lives easier and more comfortable, and hey, they really did manage this. According to the archaeologists and historians, it was in Mesopotamia, about 6,000 years ago. What they certainly didn’t know (or maybe they did, who knows), is that it could become so much fun. Because this is the right word to use when we talk about skateboards.

abian skate donostia san sebastian

On a day when the Cantabrian Sea doesn’t provide the perfect conditions for surfing, or you fancy an alternative to the sea, riding a four-wheel skateboard is an experience that you won’t easily forget. Almost any surface will do: a street, square, slope, bike path, or skate park.

abian skate zurriola

You might start out hesitantly, rather slowly, not quite sure what you’re doing. But you’ll certainly end up sliding at great speed, pumping in style, and learning some really entertaining tricks. And I can assure you that you’ll do it with a smile on your face. And if you do this in the company of some good friends, so much the better.

abian skate maldanbehera

You can choose the little corner of Guipuzcoa that you like best, and take the plunge and surf the asphalt.

abian skate getaria

I suggest that you should round off your plan on wheels by visiting our Abian workshop . To get there you’ll have to come to Getaria, a town on the coast located between Zarautz and Zumaia. You can visit its fishing port, where you’ll be able to see the colourful inshore fleet (as long as they ‘re not on the open sea fishing for anchovies or tuna).

getaria turismoa

You’ll be able to lose yourself in its lovely narrow streets, while on the grills placed outside the many restaurants that the town has, they grill turbot, sea bream, sole… the most delicious delicacies that the sea can offer us.

getaria pescado parrilla

You really must try txakoli, a white wine whose vineyards are spread along the hillsides near Getaria.

viñedos getaria

If you want to learn something about its history, you’ll head for the Church of San Salvador, or you’ll read something about the life of Juan Sebastian Elkano, the first sailor to sail around the world, or you’ll visit the museum devoted to the world-class couturier, Cristobal Balenciaga.

getaria elkano balenciaga

However, after the sightseeing tour, let’s get down to business; we’ve come to see how a skateboard is made. Abian was created in 2017, with the intention of making the dream of being able to surf every day come true.

We are working to achieve this: 100% sustainable boards, made with natural materials, with a design all of their own, and totally hand-made.

When you get to the workshop, you’ll find us hard at work on the wood: Xaxio works on pressing, sanding, and dusting… like a child at play.

abian skatea prestatzen

While I, Arri, will be combining different types of wood, mixing colours and fabrics, ensuring that the board for surfing the asphalt is attractive as well as practical and functional.

arri skatea pintatzen

We’ll be delighted to show and explain to you what types of boards we make (surf skate, longboards, mini-long boards, balance boards…), and which one best suits your characteristics, etc.

You’ll also be able to plunge into a thrilling world of axles, adaptors, and other technical matter.

abian skate ejes

We think it’s a perfect plan: enjoying riding a skateboard before and after you’ve seen how and where and with what materials it’s made, and the reason for each part.

abian skate denda

And so from this moment on, now you know: have fun surfing the asphalt!