Argiartean, the festival of light

A festival of light-art and live music

On 6 and 7 October, from 20 h until midnight, an unforgettable artistic experience awaits you at the remarkable "Memory Park" in Riberas de Loiola: a cutting-edge festival featuring experimental material in a format that is bound to surprise you.

argiartean kartela

An art festival to dazzle you

Argiartean is a brand new luminous art festival to dazzle you with its distinctive "light-art" components, its huge projections at nightfall on a white church wall, and live performances.

julio garciaLighting installation by Julio García

The Memory Garden and the Iesu de Riberas de Loiola Church have been chosen for this bold nocturnal event. The gardens and the interior of the church are the locations for a heterogeneous, dynamic schedule of such diverse disciplines as music, poetry, video-art and even computational linguistics, mingling with the light plays.

Installations specially devised for the festival

We might add that practically all the performances and installations over these two days have been specially devised for the festival, thanks to unprecedented collaboration.

argiartean mapa

We hope you will come and enjoy this unique experience in which light and sound bring about a spectacular transformation of one of the city's remarkable and largely unknown enclaves. On 6 and 7 October, Riberas de Loiola's Parque de la Memoria will transform into a huge experimental open-air light-art laboratory.

las synergiesPerformance by Las Synergys

Admittance is free, with food trucks dispensing gastronomic produce and beverages.

Are you going to miss out?

Take a look at the full programme of the event.