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We want to use our tourism blog to give a voice to everyone who has experienced Donostia, so that you can all share experiences from a personal perspective, showing us authentic, undiscovered and alternative places. Above all, we want you to immerse yourself in the city and enjoy San Sebastian to the maximum!

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Barandilla de la Concha

Donosti Feeling

Donostia has some incredible sunsets!

Donosti Feeling

We’ll show you some of the best so that you can make the most of them

Donostia Dog – Friendly

Donosti Feeling

the love we have for our four-legged friends is plain to see on the city's streets, beaches and mountains. So, if you are thinking about coming to visit us with a canine friend, rest assured that you’ll be given a warm welcome by the dog lovers in San Sebastian.

Discover the new and charming hotels in San Sebastian

Donosti Feeling

In recent years Donostia has been witness to a burgeoning array of hotels so that those who visit us can enjoy San Sebastian to the full. Most of the new accommodation offered are hotels with a certain charm due to their location, style, size or functional characteristics.

Discover San Sebastian bite by bite: A pintxo in every neighborhood

Food and drink

There’s no better way to explore our beautiful city than with the palate; savoring and tasting something new around every corner along with everything that the city’s streets and neighborhoods have to offer.

Donostia / San Sebastian inspires us

Donosti Feeling
Isla Santa Clara

Santa Clara Island

Donosti Feeling

A small yet charming urban island. Discover all its secrets!

Are you coming at 58 Jazzaldia?


The Jazz Festival takes more than a half a century bringing the best jazz to our city. It has become both for national and for international people an event you can not miss. If you are one of those fans that have come to celebrate this event to San Sebastian...Here are a few ideas to make your visit a perfect one!



Enjoy like a donostiarra: fireworks and ice cream


Day trips
Every year from the 6 to the 14 July, the Fiestas de San Fermín festival is held in the city of Pamplona (Iruñea in Euskera) which is one hour from Donostia. This festival is known as ‘sanfermines’ in Spanish and ‘sanferminak’ in Euskara. With concerts, parades, night parties and giant figures, it’s an incredible atmosphere!

San Sebastián LGTBI, always ahead of its time

Donosti Feeling

The LGTBI issue has become a thermometer of a city's development and modernity, and now no one wants to be left behind. Many cities call on an institutional effort to make them tourism-friendly for the LGTBI community. In the case of San Sebastián, however, the LGTBI diversity and inclusion experience was no coincidence, nor was it sought out, but it is the natural evolutive consequence of a cosmopolitan, multicultural, open, welcoming city that has been tangible for decades.

Pasaia Maritime Festival: You’ll be looking out to sea from 26 to 29 May



The Recouvrance, Marité, Oosterschelde, Shtandart… These are some of the twenty-plus-metre-long boats that have been invited to Pasaia and will elicit the most “Wows!” and get snapped in countless photos this year. The sea will be awash with sails, traditional boats and culture, from Thursday 26 May to Sunday 29.

Less than two hours from San Sebastian

Day trips

Routes and itineraries less than two hours from San Sebastian.

This year the Korrika… finishes in San Sebastian!


The Korrika is coming, the huge race around the Basque Country!

Basque Challenge 2: Want to test yourself and show off how much Basque you know?


Here’s a little bit of fun and you can also win one night in the Arbaso Hotel in Donostia / San Sebastian, as well as an additional 150 prizes!


Being bold and trying to guess Basque word meanings has a prize, are you up to the challenge? 

A marvellous getaway to Biarritz by direct bus

Day trips

We’ve been waiting for this moment for years, so we were thrilled when we found out that a direct bus from San Sebastian to Biarritz was going to start running this summer.

The estrobo, that crucial yet little-known piece of our seafaring tradition


 In San Sebastián we not only look to the sea when we want to admire the incomparable La Concha bay. Long before the sea became a source of fun and beauty, way back in the 16th century, the sturdy Basque fishermen, those strapping Northern lads, would set out into the wild Atlantic to hunt for whales in a rowboat that has evolved into what we know today as the trainera.

Contest: How much do you know about San Sebastian?


Take the quiz and win a night with sea views and breakfast at Hotel Londres + tickets to multiple museums!