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We want to use our tourism blog to give a voice to everyone who has experienced Donostia, so that you can all share experiences from a personal perspective, showing us authentic, undiscovered and alternative places. Above all, we want you to immerse yourself in the city and enjoy San Sebastian to the maximum!

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An unforgettable tour along the Gipuzkoa coast

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#Basquechallenge. are you up to the challenge?


At San Sebastian-Donostia Tourist Office we want to show everyone who visits us the best of our city and we use the BASQUE CHALLENGE to present EUSKERA, our language. Every year we prepare a challenge based around Basque culture. The first is to repeat this sentence in Basque:"Ni gai naiz, zuek ere izango al zinatekete?"

The Pink Force is with us… more charity boxes!

Donosti Feeling

Hold on tight and let's get this adventure started

Donosti Feeling

Pilota Eguna - Day of Pelota


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Donosti Feeling


Foodie tours, cookery workshops.... and much more!

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Donosti Feeling

Give your children a memorable day in San Sebastián

Monte Ulía

The Factory Albaola


 Where the marine artisanal technology is recovered!



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Pintxo's happy hour

The 6 must of our gastronomy

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