Experience of cider culture - Astigarraga





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The experience of cider culture!

Sagardoetxea: the basque cider museum The museum is divided into three well-defined sections, through which the visitors can get in touch with the apple and cider history, as well as its present situation: firstly, the apple orchard and the press. secondly, the museum itself, and finally the tasting centre.

Tasting of the cider house menu in Alorrenea Sagardotegia: The menu consists of a cod omelette, fried cod with green peppers, steak, cheese with quince jelly and walnuts all accompanied with cider in the "txotx" way.

Gift: To complete the experience of cider culture, visitors will get a cider bottle.


CITY Astigarraga
MEETING PLACE Sagardoetxea - Kale Nagusia, 48 (20115 Astigarraga)
DURATION 3 hours aprox.
TIMETABLE Visit to the museum and lunch in Alorrenea Sagardotegia:
From Tuesday to Sunday at 12:30. The visit lasts approximately 1h.
Visit to the museum and diner in Alorrenea Sagardotegia:
From Tuesday to Saturday at 19.00. The visit lasts approximately 1h.
*Public holidays lunch only.
LANGUAGE Basque, Spanish, English
TRANSPORT Transport not included
PRICES 39€ (VAT included), Young people (4-17 years old) 19€
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