San Telmo Museum: Erritu - Kukai & Sharon Fridman

Erritu - Kukai & Sharon FridmanErritu - Kukai & Sharon FridmanErritu - Kukai & Sharon Fridman




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The church at the San Telmo Museum has been transformed into a single stage for Erritu, a show by Kukai Dantza and top choreographer Sharon Fridman. Erritu is a journey through life which avails itself of individual and collective rites of passage to touch on the various stages of existence in relation to nature and the community. Stages from birth to chaos, the desert of solitude, eventually an encounter, love, and finally death.

These rites of passage act as bridges in a bid to make sense of the connections between our individual existence – the burdens of the past, the present, future promises and options – and the ritualised collective experience, always referential but also moving and changing. Spirituality, tenderness and personal decisions embrace each other on a journey which is finally collective, albeit influenced by the trajectories of those most conscious.

Two ways of comprehending dance come together in Erritu. The difference between the two languages is richness and attraction. Sharon Fridman offers Kukai’s dancers a new physicality and quality of movement based on contact, which serve as a splendid contrast and complement to the purity and vitality of their usual movements.

2019 Max Awards, Best choreography, Sharon Fridman.
Valladolid TAC Award for the most original and innovative show, 2018.

Practical information

OWN/CITY Donostia / San Sebastián
MEETING PLACE Zuloaga plaza z/g 20003
START TIME 20:00 (July 9 and 10) 19:00 (July 12)

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