15 special things to do… for a special summer!

This summer is the time to take careful stock of everything around you, to appreciate the small details and enjoy doing the things and activities you’d never really thought about... the point is that you don’t have to go far, no matter whether you’re a local or if you’ve come to visit us for a few days: Donostia (the Basque name for San Sebastian) is a paradise we invite you to (re)discover!


Donostia from the sea

Get away from the busy beaches and enjoy the bay from a sailing boat, a catamaran, a yacht...

Choose your favourite way of enjoying the sea!

Discover the woods, parks and stately homes of San Sebastian

Do you fancy a walk in the trees? Would you like to discover places that don’t appear on the tourist maps? Take a tour of San Sebastian’s woods, its parks, its stately homes... and do it with a local guide who will tell you all their secrets.

Open air contemporary museum

Visit San Sebastian from end to end and enjoy the numerous open air sculptures you’ll come across while walking, from the Dove of Peace by Nestor Basterretxea, to the Empty Construction by Jorge Oteiza, and the Wind Comb by Eduardo Chillida.

A trip to the island!

Take the boat over to Santa Clara Island, where you can have fun exploring and discover its little beach. You can also choose the option of a glass bottom boat trip!

Check out the different options for sailing to the island.

Learn and enjoy... with all the family!

Have fun learning about the more than 200 kinds of fish in the Aquarium, surprise yourselves with the huge planetarium and scientific experiments for children at the Eureka! Zientzia Museoa, enjoy the sprawling Kutxa Ekogunea natural space and the vintage Mount Igeldo amusement park. Here you’ll find all sorts of things to do with children!

Head for the real San Sebastian: its local districts

Get away from the more tourist areas and discover alternative and more authentic spots in San Sebastian’s districts, either by going on our interactive tours or by taking a guided tour on an electric bike.

Enlighten yourself in the city’s museums and art galleries

What better an idea for a cloudy or rainy day than to take a closer look at Basque or contemporary culture in Tabakalera, the San Telmo Museum or Chillida Leku...? Visit San Sebastian’s myriad museums and art galleries!

Relive San Sebastian’s Belle Époque

Would you like to take a pleasant stroll through the golden years of San Sebastian’s Belle Époque period? A tour of the history, the promenades and the stately homes that marked the era... discover this and other guided tours of the city!

What about a bit of shopping? Even better with a few pintxos or an ice cream

Discover a small but substantial open air shopping area... small shops and big names stand side by side in San Sebastian’s romantic area! And while you’re shopping and wandering... stop for a few pintxos or an ice cream the local way.

Nature, peace and quiet

Do you fancy getting away from it all in a natural setting? Enjoy the best views of the city from its hills (Ulia, Urgull and Igeldo), or relax in its parks and gardens.

Into the water!

Surfing? Paddle Surfing? Canoeing? Rowing a boat? In Donostia you can enjoy all sorts of water activities... rounding off the day by watching the sunset from the wall in Sagües...

A route to admire the city architecture

Admire the city’s architecture and enjoy a close-up look at its impressive romantic, rationalist and contemporary buildings, not to mention its religious and historical constructions including the San Vicente Church, the Santa María Basilica and the Buen Pastor Cathedral.

Spoil yourself… in a spa with sea views

Is there any better idea than a Thalassotherapy circuit with sea views, enjoying a beauty treatment or relaxing massage at La Perla-Thalasso Sport? Discover a spa dating back more than a hundred years, symbol of San Sebastian’s Belle Époque period.

Educational fishing for children and adults!

Leaving from the port of San Sebastian, submerge yourself in the sea to discover marine biology and educational-sport fishing.

You’re in the Mecca of haute cuisine... give yourself a treat!

San Sebastian is the second city with the most Michelin stars per m2... the big-name chefs concentrate in our city, combining the best of local produce with highly innovating techniques. Choose the one you fancy most... and this summer treat yourself to the luxury of an unforgettable experience!


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